We recently were contacted by a previous customer whose garage door operators were old and on their last leg. The customer decided to get 2 LiftMaster Chain Drive operators as well as a keyless entry.

His home was built in the 1940’s and had it’s original garage doors still in place. Originally, there were solid wood doors with no windows, consequently making them heavy as can be.  The original motors were mounted in between the rafters and in the insulation, as a result, made it impossible to make any repairs or adjustments without taking them down. The old operators were also originally installed to the garage door off centered.

Although the job may have taken longer than a normal install, the customer was amazed with the difference and even stated “So that’s how they are suppose to work” with a slight chuckle.   Overall, we finished the project with ease.  Below, are pictures of the new installation, how old the hardware on the doors was and the project went altogether.

If you think you have a situation, as shown above, that cannot be fixed, call Golden Garage Door Services, LLC to schedule an appointment. Let our professionals come out and diagnose the problem, and recommend a solution that will be best for your garage door, operator and overall pocket expenses.